May 29, 2008
By jon palyok, Conway, SC

where's my mind? i think i might of lost it,
look closer and you'll find i never even had it,
born with the problems i'm facing,
running out of time to find one for replacing,
is it a crime to be this crazy? could you call it unique?
or just a little lazy?
with my sexy physique, i'm one of a kind,
won't find anyone like me anywhere,
i'm out of my mind so i'm really nowhere.
but it's not that, i don't care,
it's just the fact that, life is never fair,
to you i tip my hat, and take my clothes off,
jump into bed with me, but don't turn the lights off!
in this sea of love, the world's gone crazy,
in the skies above it's what you want to see,
its everything but what we need,
with our eyes wide shut we dream our dreams,
to feel alive its what i see,
when you take the dive, say you love me!

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