Summer one luv

May 29, 2008
When you go down to the riverside he walks by and all you want to do is run and hide
He is a big deal and you want it so bad to be real
All you do is spy on him
Oh look there’s Kim you just want to cringe
I just want to singe her hair
Take him away a stop all the small play
You know he’s uncomfortable questioning what you’re doin
You say I’m not foolin the is not like second grade babe I’ve liked you forever and you’ve never
I didn’t ever
Don’t play cleaver girl you were my world
Ok but just one thing you got to cut it with Kim
Ok babe you got it
“Yes I’m going out with him”
Hay Tim you wanna go with me and him take a swim
It’s late at night all we gotta do is take one … last… Right

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