Always and Forever

May 29, 2008
I thought you were strong
You understood
We were invincible together

Everything was perfect
I thought you were like me
Your thoughts were like mine

You fought off anger
You related to me
When no one else could

I was just a little girl
Who needed a helping hand
I thought you were my savior


I know I was wrong

Now the real you is a
Simple memory
I can still see my hands in yours

You’ll never be
You again
It’s scary how much you’ve changed

All I am to you
All I ever was
Just a character in your story of life

You think
I’m nothing
You hurt me in ways unimaginable

I may never be a star
May never be a “somebody”
I thought you always would be

We thought we were the only
Ones each other could turn to
For life

We thought we were like sisters
We were family
Always and Forever

I think forever has come.

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