The Quinceanera

May 29, 2008
By Elix Colon, South Plainfield, NJ

Arch your back.
Smile at the guests.
Walk slowly.
Show off your dress.

This is the one event where there is no pinata,
No soccer ball,
Just people all around you,
Judging your surroundings.

Prima Tulla got back from "vacation,"
They look even this time.
Aunt Jenny came too,
Third time she wears that dress.

The theme I wanted was "Swan Lake."
I got ducks.
You can't fit 5 chocolates in a plastic swan.
No one calls my mother cheap.

Single file,
You and your court arrive.
Each dress is more pink,
More puffy than the last.

Through their smiles,
The guests say--
That dress makes her look chunky.
Maria's party was better.

Mom and dad raise their glass,
Toasting their daughter, Grown at fifteen years of age.

Tio Alberto takes the opportunity,
Takes his "associate's" hand and says--
I have an announcement to make.

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