City Stories

May 29, 2008
By Anna Radford, Havlock, NC

The lights shine bright in the city that never sleeps,
buildings engulf the small streets.
People walking to many places,
blank stares and worry fills the faces.
Everyone has a story that no one knows.

We all want help, we need to get out.
With facades of content hearts and happiness,
who would ever discover,
the things we hide on a daily basis.
From the corporate world to the broken streets,
the thoughts are endless.
Everyone has a story that no one knows.

The homeless man on the corner,
no one stops to lend a hand,
but no one knows where he’s been.
His ripped, worn jeans and his old ragged jacket,
don’t even begin to tell of his phenomenal experiences.
A burned down house at the age of nine,
no more family to dry his crying eyes,
no money to get by.
He lives his life second by second unaware of wants coming next.
He traveled so long and what seemed like miles,
but really was only a few blocks before he became tired.
He stopped for help but people refused to care,
about a young boy with no where to go.
This young boy now a man knows only of hatred but wants a friend.
He grew up with nothing but a story to tell.
Everyone has a story that no one knows.

The business man leaving his office,
too rushed to even notice,
the people he ran into on his way down the street.
Where he is going, no one knows;
but a hurried swagger is all he shows.
To a home I wouldn’t give to my worst enemy,
and no family to call his own.
He lost all hope after the death of his wife and all his children moved away.
None of them return to see what’s left of their broken father.
His job is all he has left,
a job at the New York Times.
He writes day in and day out, searching for his big break.
A story he wrote today struck his boss’s interest.
He rushes home to work some more,
all night long he ponders over, everything he could include.
A front page story is his dream, but will he ever get there?
All he has left is his writing, though he wants more.
He dreams and dreams of what’s coming next, the next chapter of his story.
Everyone has a story that no one knows.

The girl, stepping off the bus;
fashionable to a T.
She walks with confidence, but who is she, really?
Her problems add up to a whirlwind of inner crisis trying to get out.
She goes to school everyday happy as can be, but no one knows
what’s beyond skin deep.
Homecoming queen, student body president, and head cheerleader!
But is this really who she wants to be?
She dreams of bigger and better things.
No one seems to understand, the things she would trade for respect.
Not respect from her peers or her friends but from her teachers and her parents.
She dreams of college, a career, and community service.
She hopes to one day make a difference.
She has morals and values beyond most teens, and her brain is old for her age.
Behind the mask of popularity lies a strong, independent girl!
To her, high school is more then parties, friends, and boyfriends;
it’s only a small piece of preparation for life’s next turn.
Everyone has a story that no one knows,
but that will not be the case for her.
She will stand up and fight for all she believes;
the good, the bad, and the ugly.
She will know longer be just a pretty face but people will see
what goes beyond skin deep.

The lights shine bright in the city that never sleeps.
People rushing down the street, each with a different story.
Most people hide
behind the easiest things to show,
but no one chooses to reveal the harsh reality.
Searching for help is a pointless battle if no on knows you.
Stand up and shout out-
The result may come as a surprise.

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