A Woman's Shattered Hopes For Love

May 29, 2008
By Amanda Morris, Havelock, NC

A woman’s shattered hopes for love, caused
By one deceiving man.
Cuts and bruises
Deep into her skin, but
Eternal in her soul.
Fighting for justice, while he
Grabbed her hair.
In so much pain,
Just hoping he would let go. Waiting for him to
Kill her,
Lying on the ground,
Maybe she thought, “I will not go this way!”
Opting for another solution to fix this
Problem, she couldn’t, she
Quietly took him out of the ugly picture.
“Rest in peace!” she said.
Saddened from what she had done,
Tears fell from her face, hiding and shaking
Under the kitchen counter. The
Well, eventually came to an end. Now her
X-ray could show her happy heart that she was
Yearning for, taken by that
Zealot of a man.

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