Gossip Girl: Confessions Of An Upper East-Side Queen

June 15, 2010
By rockstar7777777 SILVER, Emsowrth, Other
rockstar7777777 SILVER, Emsowrth, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Its all about me"

It’s my life
I lie, I fake, I b****
Some say I’m two faced
I take it as a compliment

I get whatever I want
No matter what
I know I’m vain
Why go through life thinking you’re plain?

Fame, money, greatness
That’s my motto
Knock down a few people
In the process

Why be ordinary?
When you can be extraordinary
Destroy whoever gets in your way
That’s the game plan

It’s more than just a game plan
It’s a way of life
Not like being a vegetarian
Or a vegan

But having your name go down in history
That’s all that matters……

The author's comments:
i luv luv gossip girl and recently whilst i was watching it i got the inspiration for this poem. i've based it on blair waldorf who is my favourite character in the show. there is just something about how no matter how bitchy or evil she is i love her and leighton meester is a great actress.

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