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June 15, 2010
As I walk down the street,
I see people I might meet.
The strange familiar faces,
Of those I've met in different places.
Some are enemies, some are friends,
There's some who were real,
Others who'd just pretend.
We aren't all the same,
Over time most of us change.
Either for better or for worse,
Unconsciously it happens by choice and not force.
Enjoy everything while it lasts,
Or when it's too late,
You'll wish you had.
There's lessons learned from everything,
Reasons for it all.
There isn't always someone there, To catch you when you fall.
Morality is relative,
Never absolute.
There's an understanding,
For everything we do.
During life our hearts will break,
But we'll break hearts ourselves.
Keeping the memoirs in a shoebox,
On the top closet shelf.
We are the performers,
We are the critics.
The hours made up of every minute.
Givers and recievers,
Some both confessors,
And believers.
We're afraid to lead,
So we follow,
If we are underpaid,
We will borrow.
Wiping people's tears when it's far too late,
We always have something on our plate.
Sleep isn't needed to be a dreamer,
We don't have to be robbed, to be a redeemer.
We don't need reasons to be right,
Instead believe in more than what's in sight.
Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional,
Do your best and you'll overcome any obstacle.

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