Its Time to Walk the World

May 28, 2008
Step out your front door
And feel the breeze
Of urges welling like a flood
First in your stomach
And making its way to tears

You have spent years
Behind the clouds of innocence
Undertaking the tedious tasks
Of keeping everyone happy
And learning exactly, how to learn

You have cried smiles out your eyes
And tears through gritted teeth
It has been perfect
And it is everything you know
But its time for a new sun

Its time to bubble over
And feel the soft June air
Brushing across your baby face
It’s your turn to burst out the grates
And make your own way

But when you are out there
In the wild, in the crowds
Think of me
Think of your hand in mine in those hallways
And don’t forget my music

I wont forget yours
And I won’t forget your laugh
On the those evenings
With the suede September backdrop sky
On our first days together

So many years have passed now
But I can still imagine those days
When our lives first started
Our family came together
And now today it splits apart

But I know
And I need you to know
That the simple beauty
Of the love we have grown
Will never fall off the edge

We will live on forever
In each others hearts
And knowledge of people
Hold me tight and I’ll only let go
When its time to walk the world

Chase me down the path
Summon your words
Embolden your smiles
Don’t say goodbye
Its time to walk the world

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