June 15, 2010
By AceMcFrankenstein BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
AceMcFrankenstein BRONZE, Worcester, Massachusetts
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I’m not a mad man; I’m just a little crazy
That does not mean I’m crazy but crazy enough
Some people say I get a little crazy
Better then being compared to the people who have to think stuff

What happens if I jump out this window
Anyway back to reality I’m not that creepy crazy
i just want to have fu’un wow wow wow
OMG its Willy set him free you (bustards)

I’m Rick James respect your authority
Why is your funny bone called the funny bone Mr Magge
Because your elbow is attached to your humorse(IDK I’m crazy)
i know karate don’t you mess with me

if you think I’m crazy you should see my friends
Some go weee at random and the others just make no sense
In my life the craziness never ends
To tell you the truth I built up a tolerance

Nooo miss I don’t want to take my pants off
If you don like it you can screw off
You can turn yourself around go to a bridge and jump off
For when its time to be crazy I’m the one to go off

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