Talking To A Brick Wall

July 1, 2010
By Anonymous

Can you see me, by looking into my eyes?
If you did you would see me as I die,
Not on the out, but on the inside.
It has been so long now, since Ive felt alive.
Ive been dead so long now, I forgot how to cry.
My smiles are fake, someone might think it a shame.
Someone blew it out, my heart, my flame.
So now Im cold, inside and out.
My mind is filled with nothing but doubt.
Loneliness, its painful, much more then being stung by a bee.
But no one has paid attention enough, to help the poor dying me.
So can you see the real me, by looking into my eyes?
Of course not, you dont care, now thats the reason why I die.
I never got to say hello, but now I say goodbye.

The author's comments:
I was feeling pretty down that day, and my friends just didnt seem to know how i felt, so i had to put it to words.

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