Reach for the Sky

May 28, 2008
I prayed for you, and you came to me.
I reached for you, and you reached for me.
You lent me a hand, when I was down.
You saved me, when I thought I would drown.
You gave me wings, so I could fly.
With you, we reached for the sky.
You said that ‘me’ was good enough.
You were my friend when times were tough.
You lent and ear when no one else heard me.
You gave me strength, when doubts clouded me.
You saw me when I was invisible.
You stood for me, when I couldn’t stand my ground.
I was lost, but now I’m found.
You were there when I needed a friend.
Somehow you could always understand.
From you, there was nothing I could hide.
I always knew you were on my side.
I called out, and you answered by name.
Some things will always be the same.
In a world so small, I’m glad to know, that I had a friend like you, who helped me grow.
And though, we’ve gone our separate ways, some things will always be the same.
In a world so dark and cold, it is friendship that never grows old.
You gave me wings, so I could fly.
With you, I reached right up to the sky.
In a world so incredibly heartless, I was glad to have a friend in the darkness.
Some things never change, but because of you, my life will never be the same.
In a life once lived, in a world once real, your friendship made a broken heart, healed.
We smiled for cameras.
We lived, because we loved.
You said that ‘me’ was good enough.
In the years to come, in the years past, our friendship will always last.
Memories, like shadows on these dark walls, you held my hand through these long halls.
In memory of what we are, who we were, I’ll know I’ve had a friend for sure.
And when I kiss this world goodbye, I’ll remember how you helped me reach for the sky. ~

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