May 28, 2008
By Dylan Juza, Oneida, WI

In heaven there's nothing to abuse and get used to

I don't want to feel the addiction to keep searching
Free from my desires
No thoughts racing through a mind,
Just content

On earth if it's in order it's suffering
Tie down the grown man who wants to reach the end of a rainbow,
Both know
Not going to happen
Still try

You want to step outside and feel unreal.
Travel the world
I still can't get my head around this.
Designed to desire
Inability to remain
It's a pandemic

Touching the bubble above your head when the nightshades is no certificate
It's not money
You're not entering a new discorvery

The rain is for absorbing
Stars to be inhaled by your pupils
Flesh wrote over her mystic reality twist
Squeeze what you can from every corner now

No more cirrculation.
Gonna dig,
I try not to become ammune
To what I'm begging for

Snow changes nothing
Kept away to maintain the control we don't have

No amount of crying can reach...
Amuse for only so long...
Never can find a fight when i need one...
Adrenline fuels my everything

A climax only lasts for so long and if it stayed I would get too used to it

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