origin of rain

June 25, 2010
By yeesha BRONZE, Combined Locks, Wisconsin
yeesha BRONZE, Combined Locks, Wisconsin
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Each teardrop that falls
From the hearts of the clouds
Chases the city inside
In small bundles and crowds
But they never see the beauty
Of rain washing away
All the pollution and the sadness
To come back another day
Skip, turning, stepping
On the reflections of the world
Droplets splashing about your toes
The liquid mirrors being swirled
Abandon your umbrella
And watch the color drain from the sky
The sun slowly melts away
As time is ticking by
Whispering pinpricks
Lightly kiss my skin
Soaking through my cloathes
Washing away my sin
The burdens dropping from the clouds
Causing the earth to shimmer
But those blind to the purity
Make their moods dimmer
It may wash away our canvas
What we've painted over the stars
But it cleansed us of today
The death, pain and scars
It gave way to a new light
A new day of faith
So that we'll keep fighting
To keep our friends safe
It grants us the courage
To move on after the storm
'Cause there's always a rainbow
With a promise of warmth
So now maybe this poem
Will remove the blindfold
To the beauty of rain
For the world to behold

The author's comments:
its about a year old, but I really wanted to write something about the rain

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