Half Empty

June 25, 2010
By JohnTalbot GOLD, Dixon, Missouri
JohnTalbot GOLD, Dixon, Missouri
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Rather be starving free, than be a fat slave.

The cup on the table is but a debate, “Its half Empty” one would state. Thus opening for argument, a subject as controversial as the debate of toilet paper positioning; now they’re listening.
Somebody steps up to the plate & continues the debate; “It’s Half Full” the person simply states. Different views are expressed; at this point opinions are processed. The problem can’t be solved, during the debate their minds evolved.
An idea is given birth; Why not spread the debate to all intelligence on earth? So the cell phones made themselves useful, & link to other people. The debate quickly spreads like an epidemic across the states, before long the news of this great national debate begins to spread past the borders of the U.S.; it becomes a subject needy of attention.
News reporters cling to the story of “The Great Debate” as if it were a lifeboat keeping them above water in an endless sea of publicity. In conversation they speak in very interrogative tones, like a robot among thousands of drones.

Each country takes a side, now it’s time to decide. Every country has one vote, so people will know what to promote. The votes are in, so now we can begin. Just try to relax, these are only the facts.
They tally the votes, each person with high hopes. Two different hopes, one is half full, & the other just as equal.

Half Empty wins, now there are frowns and grins!
Why you ask, it’s all in the class.
Just remember one rule, & don’t think of me cruel; think of it half full & you think you have more, think of it half empty and you’ll know for sure!
Completed: 5/24/10

The author's comments:
I wrote this May, 24th while I was at work and I heard a couple who was arguing over the status name of the amount of coffee in their cup and it gave me the idea for this poem.

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