Drama or Passion; you tell me.

May 29, 2008
By Kassidy Smith, Marylhurst, OR

Why are you all I can write about?
The majik, what majik?
I believed you again.
Love, its real.
I fell into your trap. I knew it was a lie.
I want to believe you so much.
I want to fall back into that trance
Where everything felt like majik.
The ecstasy of the moments, right outside my door.
I miss you.
You helped me up, back when I was lying on the ground
This life… meaningless.
Your told me no, I was worth more than that.
Worth being more than just another statistic, a number in a book.
Trust. Betrayal. Survival.
I haven’t reached the next step.
So over dramatic, I know.
Why does all this bother me so much? It’s just a game.
Playing it was fun, amazing, I felt like that feeling would live on forever.
But you cheated, and I lost.
So over dramatic, I know.
But what if its not just drama.
What if it really was true love,
I just wish you felt…
Why am I carrying this so far?
I know what you’re thinking,
“ Jesus Christ, get over it, it was like two weeks ago”
“ Just shut the hell up with it already.”
Yeah I know.
I’m trying.
Why cant I just let you go??
To you love is just a word, but what if I need you,
To be my sanity. My help.
I never lied to you. Not once.
Everything I said I meant. I think I still do.
I try to tell myself its over. Forever.
But my heart won’t believe my head.
So lame, all my words. Cheesy like in a really bad romance novel.
Its the best I can come up with, to express this feeling.
I don’t know how to do it any better.
I hate to admit this, it hurts my heart, and it will do neither of us any good.

I still love you.

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