Missing You !

May 29, 2008
By Amanda Willard, Hull, TX

I sit here watching time pass me by not sayin a word . only loust annoyed sighs . I still dont understand me and you... it this an imaginary story or is this a dream come true ?

Im pretty sure you have some kinda idea about how hard i feel for you . Words can only mean so much when you lived life like you do .

im not stupid i know the truth . Shes down and around .. yeah your there for her too . but wat makes it diffrent ?

all the lies ou told me and the storys you've said why cant you be visible ... insanitys wat she said.

untill the day she decided to end it all ! A cut to the wrist,a bullit thur the wall ? Shes so undecided undenyed, unloved and so cold . She cant take the next step she cant take the load

she always told me he was all she's ever want untill shes heres that girl laughin at her in a way she cant taunt.
she lookes up and and he sky why ? then he told her just let it be and it will be right

the next time she turned to him and didnt look away she felt so weak to stay and wishes that he would just go away !

untill he grabed her by the hand takin all the pain away she doens't know wats happing she doesnt know wat to say .....

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