Small Change

May 30, 2008
Maybe today I'll be exchanged,
for some needless copper slug,
or tomorrow I'll be lost,
underneath your persian rug.

I'd like to move through hands and persons,
like a fish moves through the sea -
whereI'd be sure to make my mark,
however small, on history.

But that is a far-off wish,
like the distant Aussi shore,
for I'm doomed to do my travels -
'Quoth the Raven: "Nevermore"'

Today, I'll be a tiny,
little, poiintless piece of change,
and yet years from now you'll find me,
when these chairs you've re-arranged.

I'll be clenched and cupped and cleaned
of my dusty, lint-like fur,
and then popped right into place,
inside a cardboard collector.

For you see, those coins of long ago,
that people do value,
all just started as some little,
worthless piece of metal, too.

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