May 30, 2008
Your eyes are glazed over,
there’s no light in them today
The smile has faded from your lips
leaving no trace of it on your face
You don’t smell the flowers now,
they don’t exist, they were all a dream
The sweet dreams that one day you craved
are now lost, put away in along forgotten place
They have now joined our love
that one day we wished would never end
That love that joined us
one heart, one soul, one life
To stay together until the clock stops ticking,
time stays still
But the clock was not on our side
and there is nothing left now
My memories of you are all the same
I see your face, I hear your voice, I taste your lips
It will never be the same
our lives are now two
The way that you chose it to be
Two hearts, two souls, and two lives
But I still think of you,
the sweet memory that has started to fade
You will never truly leave me
You became a part of me
and that will never change

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