The Towers

May 30, 2008
By Monique Zentner, Clarkston, MI

In New York two towers once stood tall
Their windows shining under the bright rays of sun.
Within the heart of the building, people greet each other, their grins stretched from ear to ear.
Out on the sidewalks, eyes ponder upon this beautiful sight
Remember! Things were like that.
Before the terrorists
Before the plane on September 11
Before the fires tore down the memory filled walls of the known, respected, and loved twin towers
Even the people which used to pause on the crowded streets,are now, so depressed they don't dare to stop and remember.
Knocked down from the raging fire
Under the ash, so dark, so still, the twin towers are still there.
Search, search with your mind, remember the good times when you would stop to feast upon the beauty of those two tall buildings.
Underneath the ash and sorrow they are still there.
Those two buildings still wish to be remembered.
Their good times still wanted to be perished.
It is longing for the remembrence of the people who once stopped to look at the two buildings on the crowded streets of New York.

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