May 30, 2008
By Stephen Alfonso, Grants Pass, OR

Hopeless, I embrace bereavement
She looks past me in dismay
I am the wall, the candle holder by window sil
The glass by the bed, the window cold and cracked

I see the ever-changing trees
Autumns voice comforts me and takes me along its lonely path
A path that’s been and never ends
Ghostly hidden from the conscious
Taking the idle hand of sorrow and walking with the shadows along the way
Giving life to something lost, and reason for this soul to stay

I am with autumn and she with spring
Torn by winter and mended by summer

The blink of an eye and I’m still here
Enduring the harboring over me
A Grey mist, cold and desolate
Like the ocean in winter
I called her name one last time, with no response we wept goodbye

No longer could I yearn for her
At the break of dawn I walked the path
Autumn at my side, and April in her eyes
We both let go with daylight nigh

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