May 30, 2008
By Brittany McGuire, Grants Pass Or, OR

‘Yeah, we got thoughts,’ they say
Got life figured out, got it confused, got it so
We just don’t care anymore
Or, maybe, we just care too much
But got so engrossed in it
So consumed…
Running to and from the truth,
That we got lost or blind somewhere
Along the way

Take this bottle of sweet
Drink and be merry, my friends, for…
Slap a label on it that reads
“Truth, as you like it”
Sip the oblivion, and look away, at
Everything except…

The heart of my people is
Lost? Pricked with a thousand doubts
Beating one last time
Every time

They say
‘Yeah, we got this now
Go be the sheep, follow the cliff
Leave me to
Blind my eyes
Close the voice
Think out side the box, and
Break the system, man’

Yeah, don’t you see,
You’ve become the system
And few see but all feel as its
Reaching from the garden

Ill tell you this
Will you tell me

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