Aspects Of Beauty

June 24, 2010
By Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
Jon.W PLATINUM, Dallas, Texas
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There are many aspects of beauty,
Like the pure pristine waters,
That flow like veins,
Carrying life,
Across the land.
The trees,
With their emerald green leaves,
Swaying gently in,
The cool breeze.
The clear blue sky,
A sea of blue,
That is unreachable to all,
Except the birds that fly in its midst.

The flaming fiery sunrise,
Which stretches across the sky,
Waking the earth,
And bringing warmth to all.
The birds singing in the trees,
Oh what sweet music they make,
Their music is sweeter,
Than a harp.
The Spring,
When the flowers bloom,
And the Earth is flowing,
With new life.
The sunset,
Which is the harbinger of the night,
Stalks across the sky,
Like a large cat,
Chasing its prey.

The stars in the night,
Shining high in the sky,
Like miniature torches,
Which shine like fireflies,
In the sea of black.

People singing in a choir,
Singing songs about the joys,
And hardships of life,
Their beautiful voices,
Lifting in the air,
Bringing joy who are around to hear.

Precious jewels,
Sparkling stones,
Which are more valuable,
Than we will ever know,
For many lives were sown.
The ruby red rose bushes,
With their thorny stems,
That are as beautiful,
As dawns fingertips of ruby,
And smell so sweet.

Friends walking by,
And shaking hands,
As they say to each other,
“How are you?”
I see people in love holding hands,
And entangled in,
A never ending embrace.

I see and hear babies cry,
I see them crawl, and walk,
As old life gives way to new,
These are some of the many aspects,
Of beauty but don’t take my word for it,
Look around where you live,
And become entangled,
In the beauty that surrounds you.

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