Lock the eyes again

June 23, 2010
By , San Antonio, TX
It was covered with darkness, and it was lonely.I never felt it this close. it was always cold, and never acknowledged. but you, just with a look at me and it felt warm. we were lead on a road, just the two of us smiling and laughing. i never knew i could have as much happiness fill me up, not until i met you. love may be a strong word but i'm sure it may be what i feel. we know each other and laugh and have a great a time.. but i don't know what happened, for i feel it was my fault we created a separate path of our own. you would say with a voice so sweet that it's not. not until now, is that path joining again. But the long time away from you was like living without a heart again. there was more darkness filling the hole in it. there was too much pain to bear, i had to let it out. Just until we joined and you start healing my scars and wounds, replacing them within our happy laughter, and peaceful eyes softening as they lock on one another's again.

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