The Black Widow Spider

June 23, 2010
The Black Widow Spider
Does she see what I see?
A male's false intentions
She's as smart as can be
She takes in her mate
She will coax and decieve
He enters so coily
Does he know he won't leave?
She knows what is needed
To continue her kind
She knows what comes next
in the back of her mind
The widow has a goal
to use and dispose
How this instinct was place
I won't tell you who knows
I can't help but think
that the widow has the key
To disowning a heartbreak
To set a mind free
As she devours her prey
With not even a thought
No feelings or guilt
Of her mate she just saught
I Only admire her ability so strong
to exterminate the enemy
before it is her who is gone

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