Tru Love

February 21, 2008
By haley carlston, Discovery Bay, CA

love doesnt always last forever,
when you think you have it it goes away,
when you have someone that loves you;you should should shout hooray!,
people say love last forever,
but in my perspective,
i say whatever,
there are times when it comes and goes,
but when you have it your true love will buy you lots of clothes,
at times you just cant stand it,
and all you want to do is throw a fit,
i never thought it could be so harsh on people,
so sometimes i have to go relax and chill by the steople,
your feelings can get hurt very fast,
but you will forget about it in the past,
there will alwaysbe more oppurtunities of love,
but when it comes im going to make sure hes the one and only tru love.

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