Always Remember (Friends Forever)

December 15, 2007
You always remember the people that touch your heart.
Whether that is by dumb luck of just by fate
I’m not quite sure.
Maybe touched by their pureness,
Or the fact that they’ve always been there.

Maybe you’re a sucker for a great listener
Or even a tremendous hugger
Knowing they’ll always be there

They’ll always back you up
Unless you’re really going to screw up.
But when you do screw up
You’ll have them to fall back on
And comfort you
No matter what.

They’re the people that would die for you.
No matter what you may do
Or what you don’t do.
They’ll always be there,
To give a lifting hand
Or if that’s not possible
Fall down beside you.

Always will a shoulder be open
To lean and cry on
Whatever the case may be.

With a drop of a hat
They’d stop what they were doing
To rush to your side
To be there and say
Everything was going to be okay

No matter what the situation.
No matter what the circumstances.
No matter how long you’ve known each other
Or how many fights you’ve been in.
You will always have your friends.
To guide you.
To be there for you.
To lift you up.
Until the very end.

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