That Matters

December 14, 2007
By Shelley Grosch, Hartland, WI

It is the warm smile of one you love,
Sharing memories with an old friend.
It is laughing so hard,
That your sides begin to hurt
And forgetting why something so stupid
Could make you laugh so hard.
That matters.

It is a girls’ night in,
Complete with sappy movies and junk food.
Popcorn and chocolate.
It is warm sand
That squishes between your toes,
And somehow gets into you bologna sandwich,
But you don’t care because that matters.

It is the unbearable excitement
You feel on Christmas Eve.
It is being 6-years-old again
And spinning enough
That you cannot help but fall down
And get back up just to do it again.
That matters.

It is letting it all go,
These inhibitions,
And dancing as if nobody can see.
It is the overpowering stink of new paints
On a new canvas.
It is a fresh start, a beginning,
That matters.

The little things matter
In this life where we grow up so fast
And reward seems to come so slowly,
If ever.
But never forget the things that matter:
Friends, gratitude, love, family, life, compassion.
That matters.

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