A Second Chance

June 16, 2010
By Anonymous

When Death comes around the corner.
Pass through the underworld with the payment of a quarter
The ferryman travels down the Styx river,
With a boat full precious sparkling silver

Hades is like another common coroner,
When Death comes around the corner.
Roaming the sick hell below
The booms and the bangs make me cry for a chance to go

Then my guardian angel comes to me
And asks me whether I would like some tea
When Death comes around the corner.
I recognized that it was received for my pleas

A empty cup that should have had tea appeared before me
And that’s when I realized,
you just can’t brew another cup of tea
When Death comes around the corner.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this because of a friend who had taken the wrong choice in her llife and has now dropped out of school and lost her family because of it. Her chice to take the wrong path has left her with very limited choices and the fact that none of them will lead to her having happy life she is quite depressed. The reference to tea in this quatern poem symbolizes tea because the hot and comforting feeling that you should have in life at one point or another. She just can't brew another cup of tea, get a second chance in other words, at life becuase she has made an desicion that wwill affect hyer life forever and that will lead to a life of misery, hardships and the idea of death being just around the corner.

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