What Goes Around, Comes Around

June 16, 2010
By Anonymous

Hiding in your closet,
creeping under your bed,
karma is coming to get you,
it is in your head.

Karma is like death, you can’t run from it;
It’s like the shadow in the night, you may tremble a bit;
sitting there thinking your pure, but you know that you are wrong
don’t try to act tough, don’t try to act strong
karma is here, and there is nothing you can do
you can try to hide,
but like a reaper, karma is always coming to get you

it’ s all about revenge
that’s all you’re after in your mind
but don’t be stupid
don’t bother wasting your time
it is simply,

karma is your destiny, you may feel your heart is glowing
and it may have skipped a beat, but its more than just a warning
you can try to run, but you can never really hide
it is behind you, and it is ready to collide

just like a musical symphony,
karma may be a beautiful mystery,
it is plain to see,
karma is like a crooked witch
let’s keep it simple, karma ain’t nothing but a ***

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