June 16, 2010
By beautiful_tragedy BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
beautiful_tragedy BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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I knew I should have stayed away,
but I am not one to obey.
I acted foolishly knowing full well
that my actions could raise hell.
Now I'm stuck here, without you
due to the hardship I put you through.
I tried to compensate for what I’ve done,
but it must have never been enough,
since I am alone, again,
which always seems to happen in the end.
I try to run from the pain,
but it is capable of finding its way
right back to me every single time.
This feeling has lost its shine.
I spoke words that I will never know
if I meant them, I cannot show
you this vulnerability
eating away at the human being
I have become to be.
I am lost, but slowly changing
the horrors are beginning
to slip from my memory.
My eyes perceive
everything in a new meaning.
I was a walking catastrophe,
and almost took you down with me.
Now, I try not to hide
the emotions inside
that show
I never, ever, wanted you to go.
So it may seem that way,
but I longed to stay with you, always.
Until our time came to part
then it is right back to the start.
I accepted that my tragic flaw
did lead to our downfall.
I am willing to do
almost anything for you.
Don't ever forget.
I am my only regret.

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