She Remembers........

June 16, 2010
By Anonymous

She Remembers...
The soft quite singing of "Uncle John amazing dododododoo!"
The loud laughter of fun,
The encourgement he always gave her,

The times they had so much fun,
Looking up to his bright warm smile
that always told her"I love you so much!"
Everytime he was home
He would look after her

She Remembers...
Him telling her not to care
What other people think
The loud YELLS of "Uncle John!"
whenever he came home.

The big hug She'd go to
when he got out of the car
How much she misses him
when he's gone.

Now She Reaizes...
The best uncle in the world
Was always right in front of her
How much he meant to her

How inport he'll always be
He'll always be there when she needs help
Whetherit's on the phone or right by her side
He'll be there!!

The author's comments:
I'm going TO give this to my Uncle for his birthday.
Do you think he'll like it?

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