The night you mattered most

June 16, 2010
By Anonymous

The Night You Mattered Most

You were there for me
When I fell and scraped my knee

You came over all those nights
To help me through my frights

You were the phone call that
Ended up being more than a four hour chat

You were my friend
You said you’d be there for me till the end

But what I forgot was
This friendship was a two way road because

Where was I for you that night
You asked me for a ride

I told you to find a different way
I was going to stay

And the good friend that you were
Agreed and got into the car with her

And what I didn’t know was
You would never make it home because

That girl that promised you a ride
Thought it was okay to drink and drive

If only I was there for you
You may still be here

That night I will not forget
That night I lost you, will be my biggest regret

The author's comments:
This piece is not based on an experience, I got my inspiration from reading the chicken Soup novels, one in particular was named "someone should have told him". The topic spoke to me and sparked me to write my own.

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