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May 31, 2010
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At certain times, I have no sadness. I am me.
I am happy; I am joyful; I am filled with glee.
At other times, the coldness consumes my heart.
The sunshine is gone and the darkness does not seem to want to part.
When I am with my friends, the darkness turns into light.
However, when I am back home, day turns back into night.
Some may say that I am secretly depressed.
That is not true; the hope inside of me is not being completely oppressed.
One must understand that there is always yang with yin.
A clandestine sadness with all the happiness; it is not a sin.
This is how I feel at certain times when I am not me.
When I am not happy; when I am not joyful; when I am not filled with glee.
There is a complete other side to who I really can be.
What is shown on the surface is not always right; it is not always me.

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