The Pain

June 16, 2010
By WystanHughAuden BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
WystanHughAuden BRONZE, Burlington, Massachusetts
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Pain only lives to test us all,
Time can't undo the promises made
so save your words and i'll start to fall.

Burn your hands and feel yourself crawl
Into the fire, you begin to fade
as pain keeps on living to test us all.

I tried to force you to withdraw

but bravery is your weakest aid
so if you save your words, i'll start to fall.

Needing to rid of machines installed
I spit my tears, not afraid
of the pain that lives to test us all.

Or the pain as your voice moves your jaw
whispering your love i start to cave
but save your words, i want to fall.

It's pointless to try and build a wall
No longer can i be brave
from the pain lives to test us all,
Save your words so i'll start to fall.

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