Any Given Friday

June 16, 2010
He won't text me back,
and I just broke a nail.
Mom's saying she'll ground me
until next year if I fail.

My world is coming to an end.
Dad won't drive me to the mall,
says he's got jury duty;
it's like no one cares at all!

My little brother's a dweeb.
He never leaves me alone.
Can't he see Stacy's got the latest gossip?
He's so loud; I can't hear her on the phone.

Alex just dumped Catie,
and Jacob asked Jamie out.
Mia's in love with Gunner,
but he's head over heels for Jenny Stout.

I still wish I was at the mall.
There's no place that I'd rather be.
Clothes, shoes, gossip;
That's teenage, adolescent, stereotypical me...

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