Best Friends and How We Are Alike As In Sports And All

June 22, 2010
By ManthaVannah BRONZE, FT Riley, Kansas
ManthaVannah BRONZE, FT Riley, Kansas
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Bffs we are the best people to each other.
Bffs are people that enjoy each other.
What we do we help each other always.
we keep each other safe and healthy always.
Bffs don't take it as a bad thing if one is mad.
We vent to each other and take in how mad.
Bffs will never split up.
We are always together and no one can split us up.
We are like sisters.
My bff is always my little sister.
I miss my bff when she is gone.
she will never be gone.
We play the same sports.
We wont get mad at each other over sports.

The author's comments:
The person that inspired me was my best friend Vannah S. She helps me and we are everything that is in that poem and more. It may not look like one but it is if you can see it. Me helps her out we do everything together. so we can do the same things with them. Like Vannah M. we just made it smaller we are sisters and i love her like one. We also play the same sports we are the same really.

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