What I Want My Words To Do To You

June 8, 2010
By rynamdn BRONZE, Brattleboro, Vermont
rynamdn BRONZE, Brattleboro, Vermont
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I want my words to take you somewhere else;
my voice to be your conscience.
If I put you on a beach,
can you feel the sun’s rays warm your skin?
Look up and face the ocean.
I want you to wonder what is past the endless horizon.
If I place people all around you,
children playing in the sand,
frisbees flying back and forth,
can you see the sunburned,
middle aged man with a beer gut to your left
digging for lunch in his cooler?
I want you to become me and see

My lies and truth and only know what I know.
If I sit you at my desk,
Can you feel heavy bags under your eyes
and your fingers combing through your hair?
Look at the clock to see that it’s a quarter past four.
Feel your heart start pounding harder

As you think about what was said earlier in the day.

If I keep you awake for three days,
Can you to go back to your school work?

You have five hours from now to hand it in.

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