He Remembers...

June 8, 2010
By Lambo BRONZE, Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Lambo BRONZE, Mullica Hill, New Jersey
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He Remembers…
Laying in the hospital,
Remembering his father by his side.
Hoping to be as tough and caring as his father one day,
The million dollar smile, and the deep blue eyes.

He loves the business his father had,
He loved his father’s kitchen, food, and the smell.
He thought that the ability to cook with skill that his father had was amazing.
Wanting to help his father, he couldn’t because he was too young.

He feels joy when he lays eyes upon his father,
Even when he just watches his father workout or cook.
Wanting to learn to cook, and workout,
Enjoying the thought of food and muscles.

As he got older, he learned that business is hard,
Cleaning the pool, hours at work, and raising kids.
Trying to be the best he can be to impress his father,
Taking care of siblings, and working hard at school.

He is dedicated to graduate for his father,
And taking care of his father when he is retired.
Overtime, he slowly began to realize,
All of his father’s hard work was for him.

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