Through These Eyes

January 10, 2008
By Lea Guillory, Park City, UT

Through my eyes I see pure bliss,
I see a loving family with open arms.
I see a beautiful house with everything I could ever want.
I see food on the table every night.
I am surrounded by wonderful friends that are always there for me.
I am content with what I have and always should be.

Through her eyes she sees sadness,
She sees her family killed and taken by soldiers.
She sees a different place every night where ever is safe.
She sees food when she can get to it and sometimes she goes without.
She is surrounded by people running and screaming.
All she wants is to get out and away form it all.

Two different lives,
In two different places.
I see beautiful things,
See sees what one can only imagine.
Worlds apart,
Not aware of the other,
You never know what could happen,
My world could be turned upside down and hers could get better.
It f only god planned it that way…

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