Hear Him

June 18, 2010
By Anonymous

God the Father spoke to me
when I was just a child.
But I wasn't listening.

Kindly He called.
Gently He guided.
His path for me was plain.

I hearkened not,
Ignored the call.
Allowed myself in sin to fall.

He pulled me back into His care.
With love He said,
"Your soul I would spare."
But I wasn't listening.

When in distress I called on God
To save me from myself.
He heard my plea; called back to me.
But I wasn't listening.

I accused Him for forsaking me,
demanded for Him to save.
Angrily I poured out my soul,
when friends were taken to the grave.

I demanded to know why;
Assumed the right to know.
But God's eternal plan for me
He did not intend to show.

God the Father called on me
to live my life accordingly.
But I wasn't listening.

All too soon, God grew tired of me.
My life had been lived in the riches of sin
And completely without listening.

I cowered before His royal throne,
begging Him on bended knee,
"My God and Father, hear Thou me!"
But God had finally stopped listening.

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