February 27, 2010
By jillieperkins SILVER, Niceville, Florida
jillieperkins SILVER, Niceville, Florida
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Hazel was a kitten, the day of her debut
Stubborn, playful, active, but loyal through and through
She always managed playtime between her lengthy naps
And when we walked nearby her food, she featured an attack
As she grew to know and love us, feeling cozy in our home
She became another sibling, we loved her like our own
The day we introduced her to our new beloved cat
A tuxedo, very cordial, but a snotty, stuck-up brat
Hazel watched as kitten played with all her favorite toys
But she took it with a grain of salt, with dignity and poise
We realized after kitten grew that she was not so cute
Every time she picked a fight or started a dispute
We tried to show our Hazel love, she growled and spit and hissed
I hoped to one day gain her trust, make up for days we missed
I guess it goes to show you that a kitten might be nice
But when you go adopting one, remember to think twice

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