Mask Removed

June 12, 2010
By Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
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She wakes up at six
And goes to the mirror
Looks at her face
And it couldn't be clearer
A simple girl
With an image to match
However she's not
A good enough catch
She opens the drawer
And pulls out supplies
Of make-up and glances at
Herself with a sigh
On goes the cover up
Nice and thick
Then lip liner
Right before lip stick
Eyeshadow is next
Repeatedly applied
And eyeliner,
What's she trying to hide?
Her appearance? Her image?
Why not stay true?
What's wrong with her face?
What's she trying to do?
Her face once so innocent
And beautiful before
Is now hidden behind
All the crap that she wore
What the insecurity
Involved in the face?
Just be yourself
Don't put it to waste
Why cover up
What's granted to you?
Does society influence
What you do?
Why do they decide
The image you make?
Letting them form you
Is a huge mistake
Don't be clay
In society's hands
Be a shell amongst
The grains of sand
Don't conform to materialism
They desire
Be yourself.
Who cares what others require?
So that same girl looked
In the mirror once more
And thought "What did I put
All this gunk on for?"
She wet a towel
And added some soap
Looked at herself
And decided "nope".
She scrubbed her face
Up and down
Leaving the face
Originally found.
She left for school
With a glowing smile
Revealing confidence
In her natural style.

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