Who Wears The Pants?

June 12, 2010
By Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
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The constant battle
To wear the pants
And fighting for
The upper hand.
Power's not happiness
And fights are silly
And what are you
Trying to prove, really?
That you're better or
That he'd die without you?
Are you so insecure
That you'd hurt him too?
Igniting jealousy
Only to make up later
Is like hugging a child
After saying you hate her.
True love does not play
In the power game
Or the struggle to prove
That the other is to blame.
It makes you feel
Like you can't relax
God forbid he rises
If you start to slack.
And so the vicious
Circle goes on
Like a never ending
Eventually you'll get tired
And fall apart
And someone will break
The other's heart.
Insecure relationships
End pretty fast
And the little "fling"
Becomes a thing in the past.

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