June 11, 2010
By Tabitha Greer SILVER, Garfield, Kentucky
Tabitha Greer SILVER, Garfield, Kentucky
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A tender caress,
You call me princess,
True love never last,
So please just say yes.

Your touch, your kiss,
My heart swimming with such bliss,
True love never last,
This is what i miss.

Your skin, soft agaisnt mine,
Your taste drugs me like wine,
True love never last,
Your scent, so divine.

You are mine forevermore,
So you'll continue to be my amour,
True love never last,
Even though you've been a heartsore.

Blue eyes burning a deep desire,
Across my skin, leave a trail of fire,
True love never last,
I sit just to admire.

Love is to have and behold,
To love can be bold,
True lovers grow old,
Though its hard when your heart is sold.

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