Love Rant

June 11, 2010
By Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
Mollyrose Jensen SILVER, West Long Branch, New Jersey
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Why do people
Try to force love?
Why let it resort
To when push becomes shove?
What is it that
People are afraid of?
Loneliness? Looking bad?
Both the above?
When your significant other
Cares less either way.
He'll take you for now
And discard you in days.
Perhaps something better
Is out there for him.
He looks for a flower
But hangs on to the stem.
The stem, you know?
The part you don't see?
Yet supports him
And treats him respectfully?
If he find a flower,
He'll climb to the top
And feed off its fruits
While you keep them propped.
And when the beautiful flower
Withers he'll drop
Back down to the stem
In your leaves he'll plop.
He'll give a sad story
And play on your feelings.
You think its the truth
And the relationship's healing
When eight days later
Another flower blooms
And again you are the support
Of his doom.
Left to resort
In sorrow and gloom
But you hang on
'Cause you assume
You'll catch him because
You know he'll fall
And you'll force love again
Without a stall

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