Hear Me Out

June 11, 2010
By elliotearl PLATINUM, Woodbridge, Virginia
elliotearl PLATINUM, Woodbridge, Virginia
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What are you doing?
He says.
Do you really think you can carry that?
He says.
Here, let me help you.
He says.
And that's when she falls
into the patriarchal abyss that has clawed and clawed
at her...
for centuries, cast aside by gender identities
domestic abuse by those afraid of the truth
she went far too long unsupported by the constitute.
now what's crazy,
is that she's seen to only make babies
and not a difference.
if she's strong, then she's wrong
if she's smart, she keeps her heart,
and her confidence is ignorance because his ego is somehow relevant...
so she hikes up that skirt
and she forgets what she's worth
because she doesn't want to feel anymore
And she's only fourteen,
already being seen as an object
and to some a project,
because they more work they do
on you
raises praise
from their crew
and just like that--
she has been devalued.
so, i get on my knees and hail Susan B.
who created the movement that was 1919;
and i've gotta thank Rosie for helping us grow you see
she said
"Yes we can!"
Yes, we can
lower the hand of the man
whose grip hold the key
to all that we can be and the extent of what we can achieve.
see, she ends up to be the young mother whose daddy of her children leaves because he doesn't believe in equality.
now i don't know about you,
but i want my life,
and my liberties;
and i want her dollar to be no less than his
because she has the house,
and she has the kids.
But you've got to be strong,
and you've got to be seen,
because your intelligence will be the key to the ignition of a new statistic: she says,
What are you doing?
she says,
Do you really think I can't carry this?

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