Night is Ruined

June 11, 2010
By Kellie Coppola BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
Kellie Coppola BRONZE, Scottsdale, Arizona
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Night is ruined.
Stars once blazed bright,
I made wishes
I crossed my fingers,
I shunned the light,
And I waited.

Night was magical,
A time to dream.
When anything could happen,
When anyone could appear,
When the pavement gleamed,
And no one was alone.

Night was the time,
For transformation.
Broken houses became palaces,
Men became princes,
Despair became elation.
Everything was different.

Night was calm.
But it could be wild.
There was a sense,
There was a chance,
There was a boy who smiled,
And I took that chance.

But now, night is ruined,
Wishes don’t come true,
The stars are dull,
The magic is gone,
The world is blue,
I am alone.

Night was once the time,
For dreamers like me,
We thrived in the darkness,
We waited for the beginning,
We knew what could be,
It was ours for the taking.

But not anymore.
The illusion is shattered,
The dream is gone,
The darkness isn’t full
Of possibility
It’s only darkness,
And I must deal,
With reality.

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