~Eye of the Beholder~

June 11, 2010
~Eye of the Beholder~

To you, it's just a flower
To me, it is a home
For a thousand tiny creatures
To live; to roam

To you it's just a bubble
To me, another world unfolds
Hidden in the spectrum is
A place of lore and tales of old

To you it's just a mirror
Me, a magic portal
Where anything can come to pass
And no one there is mortal

To you it is a swing
To me, a memory
Of good times as a child
Of no cares, peaceful; free

To you, only a raindrop
But I see a promise
From back when Noah built the Ark
Of hope and light and solace

To you I am a little weird
I'm sure others will agree
To you I am a far off stranger
But to God... I am me

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Moondust said...
Sept. 22, 2010 at 7:51 am
Wow. Really well written :) Awsome!
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