June 10, 2010
By KeriB SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
KeriB SILVER, Vancouver, Washington
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some how I knew
knew that It would end like this
in love
in lies

I trusted you
I believed everthing
you preached,
and all your promises
(that are now broken)

why won't you talk to me?
I promise I won't cry...
I just wanted you
to know that I loved you
and to say goodbye

will this solve everything?
just erasing me from your mind?
that is a bit selfish.
(I some times wonder why?)

This hurts
I can't put it into words.
My heart held to the flame

If you don't want me

but that doesn't mean
I won't love you
doesn't mean I will give you up.
but it does mean I won't try.

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